France has joined the Hague Convention.
Apostille is needed for Swedish documents to be used in France.

Apostille step by step:

1. Place an order and pay on this page.

2. Submit your documents to:
Box 7145
10387 Stockholm

3. Once the document has been legalized, it is then sent to your address.

Do you have documents to be used in France and apostilled? Let us help you!

France is one of many countries that have signed the Hague Convention and therefore apostille is needed for Swedish document to be used in France.

An apostille is a stamp attached to the original to confirm the authenticity of the document.

How to get an apostille?

If it is a general document, we can apostill it directly. For example, the population registration in original from the Swedish Tax Agency with signature and stamp.

If it is not a public document, for example, a power of attorney, it needs to be notarized first and then apostilled.

We can help with both notarization and apostille.

You can read more information about what are public documents or not at guidance regarding legalisation.

What is the cost of apostille to be used in France?

The cost is calculated per document.

You will be able to see the price on this page before completing your order.

What should be submitted for an apostille used in France?

In order to get an apostille on documents to be used in France, we need

  1. Document in original
  2. Copy of the ID page of the applicant’s passport

How long does it take to get an apostille?

We work as efficiently as possible and strive to deliver within 1-3 working days.

Does apostille require translation of the document?

Notary Public does not require the document to be translated in order to be apostilled. It is the relevant authority in France that decides whether the document must be translated or not.

If the original document is in Swedish, it usually needs to be translated into French before legalization. If you need help getting the document translated from Swedish to French, you can email us a scanned copy of the document to find out the cost and delivery time.