We do translation and much more!

We offer document translation services from Swedish or English to more than 140 different languages ​​in various categories, such as medical, legal and personal documents.

We offer full consular service and can help you with the translation of documents in a legalization process, even if you only need help with translation.

Why do documents need to be translated?

In connection with international business, documents usually need to be translated into the official language of the respective country where the document is to be used. The same applies to private documents.

Example for company documents, if a Swedish company wants to sign a contract in Angola, the company registration certificate needs to be legalized at the Angolan embassy in Sweden. The Angolan Embassy has the requirement that all documents must be translated into Portuguese.

Another example, if a Swedish citizen plans to get married in China, the marriage certificate needs to be legalized by the Chinese Embassy in Sweden. In most cases, the Chinese authorities do not approve that the document is in Swedish, it must be translated into Chinese.

Translations will help the foreign authority understand the original document. We can arrange translation of documents and apostille. If you have a document that needs to be translated and apostilled, we usually do the apostille first, that way we get the apostille certificate. After that, the original document and the apostille certificate are translated.

How do I submit documents?

If you need help with translation, you can scan the document and email it to us. We will go through the process and get back with a price and handling time. It is important that you inform us whether the dokument must be legalized or not so that the time and price information is as accurate as possible.

In many cases we can do the translation with the scanned version of the document but in those situations where the translation needs to be legalized or apostilled, we must have the original documents.

The Cuban embassy, ​​for example, never accepts a translated document alone. You must then also attach the original document. The embassy then legalizes the original document and the translation. In these cases, we need you to send in the original documents by post.

Is there something I need to pay attention to when it comes to translation?

In order for us to be able to carry out a flawless job, we would like the customer to inform us in advance if there is something we should pay extra attention to, for example different names (company name, first name, brand name, etc.) to be translated into specific characters.

What is authorized translation?

In Sweden, the Kammarkollegiet tests the level of knowledge of interpreters and translators through tests or based on their foreign professional qualifications.

Translators authorized by the Kammarkollegiet are then authorized to officially translate documents.

Translations made by official translators have the legal equivalence of a certified translation. It can then be legalized directly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and there is no need to be legalized by a Notary Public. In situations where the document is to be legalized later, we always use official translators.

In Sweden, official translators are only authorized to translate from the Swedish language. For some languages ​​there is no official translator. In those cases, we work with unofficial translators. We then take care of the legalization process.

Why should I use Legalisering.se for translation?

We provide convenient and one stop service. If you need the documents translated and then legalized or apostilled, we can do the whole process. You never have to run between translators, Notaries Publicus and embassies. We do all the work for you.

Our translation team can convert your documents into more than 100 different languages.

We strive for a fast and efficient job. As soon as we receive your order and documents, we start the work immediately.

When it comes to various documents, we understand the importance of document confidentiality. When you submit your documents, your data is saved in our system during the processing time. After the case is handled, your documents will be deleted from our computer systems.