Company is part of Alla Visum i Sverige AB (Organisation number 556857-1987) based in Stockholm. is referred to below as or the company. provides services regarding apostille/legalization/translation of various documents. We guide and help customers through the entire process and ensure that everything happens as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We offer our expertise in the legalization of documents for different areas and several countries. We have no official affiliation with any country’s embassy. It is possible to legalize documents without using our services.

Prices and payment

The prices are stated including VAT. The prices on our website are estimated, which means that additional costs may apply. If you place an order for a legalization in one embassy and do not choose legalization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, even though the document must go through them, we will contact you about the additional cost. In cases where a shipping cost or other costs are added, this is clearly stated in the shopping cart and before the purchase is confirmed.

We reserve the right to any price increases from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Notary Public, embassies, the Chamber of Commerce and translators. If the price increase occurs after payment has been made to us by the customer, we have the right to request compensation for the difference afterwards.

In order to get as accurate price as possible, we ask you to email a copy of the document for an individual assessment of the process and price. also reserves the right against possible printing and writing errors.

Payments are handled by Swedbank Pay, The connection to Swedbank is via an encrypted connection.

Collection of personal data

We comply with the data protection regulation (GDPR), which deals with the transfer of personal data and regulates how personal data may be collected and handled by us. Personal data is collected, stored and used by us in order to manage the legalization process and order other services.

The data will also be transferred to the respective embassy and to their service office where applicable, if required.

Providing complete and truthful information is a prerequisite for the legalization to be processed and handled correctly. Additional information may be collected from you via telephone, e-mail or documents submitted to us.

The data in the legalization request and attachments will be stored by us until we have completed the assignment. They are then deleted or destroyed. Places concerned during the legalization process (eg embassies or Notaries Public) may archive all information in their own records. Other personal data such as name, address, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address, e-mail messages, customer history, etc. will be saved until further notice in our customer register.

By submitting a legalization request to us, you consent to us handling your personal data as above.

Delete personal data

You have the right to access the information we have stored about you. You have the right to request correction if any information is incorrect and you also have the right to request that the information be completely deleted in cases where it is possible by law.

Personal data responsible

The personal data responsible is Alla Visa i Sverige AB. Email: Telephone number 08-53332060.

Responsible authority

The Data Inspection Authority is the authority that, through its supervisory activities, must contribute to ensuring that the processing of personal data does not lead to undue intrusions into the personal integrity of individuals. Complaints regarding lack of handling of personal data can be reported to them. Website:

Regret the purchase and Distance Agreements Act

You can cancel a purchase and get a full refund if we haven’t received your application. Notify us as soon as possible that you wish to cancel the purchase. If we have received your documents and started processing the application, as a rule, no refund can be made.

If we have received your application but not started processing it, there may be a charge for return shipping.

The right of withdrawal in the Distance Contracts Act does not apply to legalization applications as it is a tailor made service, which begins as soon as we receive your application.

Read more about the Distance Contracts Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency Click here

Delivery time and responsibility

We always strive for the fastest possible delivery time. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, it will take longer.

The processing time applies from the moment we have received complete application documents from you.

Documents that must be legalized via embassies can be affected by the fact that the embassies are sometimes closed and the processing time is then extended.

The delivery times that we specify are a normal estimation that applies to the legalization process. For individual cases, the processing time can be significantly longer. takes no responsibility for the content of submitted documents. The consumer is obliged to find out for himself what is required for the document to be legalized depending on the recipient.

As a rule, we send the documents with PostNord REK or DHL. You need to show valid identification to pick it up. The contents of the letter are insured. Should your letter, against the odds, disappear, you will receive compensation. However, the compensation only applies to what is in the letter and not costs for, for example, cancellation of meetings or missed trips. It also does not apply if the letter is delayed but not lost.


We offer collection at our office in Stockholm as well as shipping with PostNord and DHL. If you want to use another shipping company or your own delivery company, it usually works fine, if we are notified in time.

PostNord delivers your letter within 2 days in most cases. Sometimes, however, it can take longer.

DHL Express usually delivers the next working day, depending on where in the country it is to be delivered. DHL cannot deliver to box addresses, only street addresses.

Delivery by courier on the same day throughout Sweden is often possible. For more info, contact us.

Shipping charges apply.

Buy via invoice

State, municipality and county council can be granted purchase against invoice upon request. Companies and individuals in some cases.

Payment terms are 10 days net. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee with the statutory amount (SEK 60) and late payment interest according to the Interest Act is payable from the due date.

The company has the right to deny customers purchase against invoice, and does not need to specify a reason.

Unpaid applications

We start handling each case after payment, unless otherwise agreed.

Shipments not collected

We charge a fee of SEK 150 for uncollected shipments.

Age limit

Whoever orders via must be at least 18 years old at the time of ordering.

Sales outside Sweden

We can also help you who live outside of Sweden with documents that must be legalized in Sweden. Contact us for more information.