Are you a company that works a lot with international documents that need to be legalized?

We know that it is time-consuming and sometimes difficult to know which documents should be legalized and where. We want to offer our corporate clients a simple process to get their documents legalized in the right way.

We always bear our values in mind, which set the foundation for how we work. Read more about our values and how we work with them.

Read below what types of services we offer to our business customers and how you can become a business customer with us.


Documents that are to be used abroad for various reasons may need to be legalized. We offer expertise and full service in the legalization area, including: Notary Public, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce or different embassies.


The countries that have signed the Hague Convention only require legalization in the form of an Apostille. Apostille is a stamp that certifies that a signature is valid and is issued by a Notary Public.


Documents to be used abroad may need to be translated into the country’s language. We help you get your documents translated by authorized translators. In the situation that there is no authorized translator in Sweden, we are able to notarize the translation in order to prove its validity.

Visa service is run by Alla Visum i Sverige AB and offers full consular service. If your company travels a lot for business, as a business customer with us you can also get help with visas. Read more about our visa service at


We offer our corporate clients to pay via invoice. You as a company then avoid the hassle of paying per step, but get everything collected on one invoice. You place an order for the necessary steps and we will get back with the invoice when the documents are legalized.


When it comes to business documents, we understand the importance of document confidentiality. When you submit your documents, your data is saved in our system during the processing time. When the case is handled, your documents will be deleted from our computer systems.

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